Class of 1955, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
Lorma Baccari--died in Franklin, MA on 6-7-1987
William E. Burlingame--works as a forester for NYS and resides in Tully, NY
Gerald Casinella--wed Jeanne Sansone (J-D '56), is an administrator at LeMoyne College, and lives in Jamesville
Carolyn Cooper Suppes--is a town official living in Fulton, NY
Trudy Curtis Mueller--widow of Fran Mueller, lives in Jamesville, NY
Barbara Dence (Garrell) Garrow--living in Hogansburg, NY
Margie Grevelding Doyle--widow of Elmer Keeler, retired library aide, lives in Lafayette, NY
Elmer C. Keeler--was wed to Margie Grevelding and serving in the USA at the time of his death on 12-20-1957
Jean Keeler Joyce--residing in Rotondo West, FL
Charles Knapp--resides in Auburn, NY
John "Rufus" Lang--was a realtor in Front Royal, VA, but lives now in The Villages, FL
Ingrid Lessner--was a foreign exchange student from Flensburg, Germany
Roger Merriam--retired after 43 years with Conrail, and resided in Minoa, NY, at his death on 5-13-1999--family info
Joseph "Bo" Mueller--wed Sheila Barrett (J-D '58), retired from teaching, lives in Jamesville, NY
Robert Patton--Presbyterian missionary in South America
Melvin J. Picquet--wed Nancy Ryder, works for an engineering firm and resides in Oveida, FL
Harold "Spanky" Reals--retired from Bristol Laboratories, lives in Jamesville, NY
Betty Rice Charette
Yvonne Rigaud Ahokovi--ret.'d school principal in N. Syracuse before her death on 8-30-1998 following a car accident
Donald E. Riordan--was a disabled dairy worker in W. Monroe, NY, at his death on 12-20-2002
Shirley Rounds Fitzgerald--lives in Pennelville, NY
David Ryder--accountant who lived in Southwood at his death on 11-15-1974, following a home fire
Nancy Ryder Picquet--married Melvin Picquet, works for school district, lives in Oveida, FL
Mary Sbardella Giordano--graduated from LeMoyne, taught school, and lived in Cicero at her death on 8-9-2000
Wilma Leonora Stach Frydrychowicz--lives in DeWitt, NY
David Stratton--resides in DeWitt, NY--family info
Camilla Titus Mengwasser--retired and lives in Emmaus, PA

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